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B Corp announcement: Dayrize certifies as a B Corporation

Dayrize earned an overall score of 143.4 out of a total of 200 and is now part of a community of 8,000 businesses globally who have certified as B Corps.

Sustainability Intelligence business, Dayrize has announced its certification as a B Corporation (or B Corp), joining a growing group of companies reinventing business by pursuing purpose as well as profit. Dayrize has been certified by B Lab, the not-for-profit behind the B Corp movement, as having met rigorous social and environmental standards which represent its commitment to goals outside of shareholder profit.

The B Corp certification addresses the entirety of a business’ operations and covers five key impact areas of Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.

The certification process is rigorous, with applicants required to reach a benchmark score of over 80, out of a maximum score of 200, while providing evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices relating to energy supplies, waste and water use, worker compensation, diversity and corporate transparency. To complete the certification, the company has legally embedded their commitment to purpose beyond profit in their company articles. Every three years, B Corps must recertify to uphold certification.

Dayrize is now part of a community of 8,000 businesses globally who have certified as B Corps and earned an overall score of 143.4 out of 200 points. We at Dayrize are immensely proud to join the B Corp community, as this certification validates our unwavering commitment to using our business as a force for positive change, reflecting our dedication to upholding the high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency in all aspects of our operations. Whilst we celebrate this achievement, Dayrize acknowledges that this is only the beginning of our impact journey.

Dayrize started with an ambitious purpose. To enable businesses and consumers to bring consumption within planetary and societal boundaries. 

The biggest impact of companies in the consumer goods industry comes from the products they make and sell. However, most companies were not measuring impact at the product level as traditional product impact assessments were complex, expensive and time-consuming. So we decided to solve this and make impact assessment accessible for all businesses by pulling together a team of the world’s best environmental scientists, industrial ecologists, and technology experts. 

The result is we’ve created an advanced impact measurement technology that provides impact transparency throughout the production process, making it easy for both consumers and business to understand and ultimately reduce their environmental and social impact. Becoming a B Corp compliments this in many ways, including providing insights in possible areas for impact improvement.

Headquartered in Amsterdam and with a team spread around the world, we are a fast-growing software company working with some of the world’s leading retailers, brands, consultancies and software companies and are delighted to be certified as a B corp “

Bart Nollen,

About B Lab Benelux:

B Lab is transforming the economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. A leader in economic systems change, our global network creates standards, policies, and tools for business. Besides we certify companies -known as B Corps- who are leading the way. To date, our global community includes over 8,000 B Corps in 92 countries and 161 industries, and over 200,000 companies manage their impact with the B Impact Assessment.

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