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Data Discovery & Ingestion

Dayrize can intelligently gather data from publicly available sources, meaning you can get started with little to no data. We also give you the option to introduce your product data via our intuitive API connection, CSV files or using publicly available sources. Our algorithm analyses every data point, detects anomalies and produces a quality rating.

  • Get started with no data – we can gather data for you
  • Manual through our Customer Portal UI (and/or API)
  • Batch Uploads through API
  • API integration for continuous uploads
  • Data synchronization through common vendor adapters (e.g. Oracle, SAP, Shopify, etc)

Data Transformation

Our system meticulously pinpoints any primary data gaps before filling these gaps in your supply chain with accurate data from over 50 databases

Subsequently, our advanced algorithm steps in to detect any anomalies and produce a quality rating. Data is then cleaned and verified, ensuring unparalleled data integrity and complete data confidence.


Dayrize Sustainability Intelligence Engine

Our software automatically takes your transformed data, calculates and benchmarks against any unknowns, and measures your products impact across 5 key dimensions of sustainability. Every product is scored overall and at each dimension, giving you a holistic view of your baseline impact, aligned to globally recognised ISO standards.

Dayrize Score

The Dayrize Score is comparable across product categories, allowing you to understand and compare the impact hotspots across your entire range. We evaluate every product, scoring them on five core sustainability dimensions.

Product insights across 5 key dimensions

  • Circularity
  • Climate Impact
  • Ecosystem Impact
  • Livelihoods & Wellbeing
  • Purpose

Actionable Insights, Reporting & Analytics

Our platform presents actionable insights on impact hotspots throughout your supply chain, directly linked to your sustainability destination. Model product changes and view the subsequent impact across your entire product range. Whatever your goal, our platform will guide you to take the most effective actions to reach your target, step by step.

  • Holistic 0-100 sustainability score
  • 5 sustainability dimensions
  • Powerful interactive dashboards
  • Aligned with globally recognized standards

Impact Reduction

Reduce the environmental and social impact of the products you make and sell.

Data Maturity

Increase data quality to meet reporting standards.

Consumer Claims

Verify the sustainability credentials of your products.

Regulatory Compliance

Track progress to comply with regulatory standards.