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The Role Of Technology In Accelerating Your Scope 3 Sustainability Journey


In this webinar, our experts explain the fundamentals of product impact assessments, including their objectives, strategies, and purpose in general. Join us in this insightful exploration of ‘goals,’ providing businesses with insights on how to reach Scope 3 objectives and establish a starting point for their sustainability journey. Access the recording of our “Scope 3 Sustainability Journey” webinar, and gain critical information from our expert panel covering the following topics:

  • Current problems our expert panel are experiencing with scope 3 reporting
  • • Data collection, accuracy, standards and the challenges in accessing primary data
  • Reporting methods, and how digitisation can help increase accuracy
  • Supplier and partner engagement: willingness and ability to collaborate
  • • Goals, strategy and purpose of product impact assessments
  • The ‘destination’ – how businesses can achieve their Scope 3 goals and where to start

Meet our speakers

A brief introduction to the experts who came together on our panel to explore the Role of Technology in the Global Scope 3 Sustainability Journey and share their perspectives on this all-important topic.

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