Takeaways from IPE Focus on Biodiversity 2023 

Rapid movement toward nature-related corporate reporting  Laura Pillari 20 years ago, the first 245 companies made climate change disclosures through the Carbon Disclosure Project.Last year, over 18,000 companies worth over half of global market capitalization participated. In the case of nature-related impact reporting, companies will not have the luxury of two whole decades to prepare. Industry, […]

Green claims directive

The European Union (EU) has taken a significant step towards promoting transparency and accuracy in environmental claims with the recent proposal for the Green Claims Directive. This directive aims to establish a unified regulation for making green claims across the EU’s single market, preventing the current situation where over half of environmental claims are vague, […]

Three Ways Technology Can Prevent Greenwashing and Promote Sustainability

Austin Simms, CEO and co-founder, Dayrize Greenwashing is everywhere. “Greenwashing” is when companies spend time and money to “look” environmentally responsible but don’t practice true sustainability. Being accused of greenwashing can have serious consequences for a brand’s reputation. There’s a good reason greenwashing happens: businesses are under enormous pressure from consumers, shareholders and governments to […]

Environmental Impact Assessment: The Key to Sustainable Business Practices

Linkedin Youtube February 2023 In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, companies and brands are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. One critical tool for achieving these goals is Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Here are five key benefits of EIA for companies and brands: Compliance with Regulations Companies that undertake […]