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Data Quality Assessment 

Remove the need for time-consuming data collection and fill in supply chain data gaps using Dayrize Advanced Public Data Gathering technologies and over 40 proprietary databases. Enabling you to build an accurate baseline of your impact with little to no data,


Data Ingestion`

Benefit from easy integration from public sources, CSV, or API.

Dive in with minimal IT assistance and embark on your sustainability journey effortlessly.

  • Manual through our Customer Portal UI (and/or API)
  • Batch Uploads through API
  • API integration for continuous uploads
  • Data synchronization through common vendor adapters (e.g. Oracle, SAP, Shopify, etc)


Data Storing

Copy will refer to storing the copy in zero ETL and the benefits of this`


Data Transformation

Our system meticulously pinpoints any primary data gaps. Using a robust set of databases, we bridge these data voids.

Subsequently, our advanced algorithm steps in to detect data anomalies, produce a quality rating before cleaning and verification. Allowing us to calculate and bench against those unknowns, ensuring your sustainability metrics are comprehensive and comparable.


Data Gap Filling

Speaks to complex ML that fills data gaps


Reporting and Analytics

We evaluate every product, scoring them on five core sustainability dimensions.

From these scores, we produce insight reports that prompt tangible change. Everything we report is designed to seamlessly fit into the core pillars of your sustainability objectives.

Scalable and fast

A scalable automated technology that allows you to baseline and quantify the impact of your entire product range in weeks not years

Get started with no data

Remove the need for time consuming data collection by using Dayrize Advanced Public data Gathering technologies and proprietary databases

A methodology you can trust

A credible and scientifically backed methodology that provides a future proof and 360 degree view of impact

Actionable and quantifiable insights

Gain valuable insights on impact hotspots that guide you to take the most effective action to reduce impact

Chart the path to your destination

Set goals that align with your corporate sustainability destination and let Dayrize map your route to get there.

Product-level data

Manage sustainability performance of your entire portfolio, while still being able to follow each individual product throughout the entire value chain.