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Laura Pillari Answers FAQs – Our Science and Methodology

Frequently Asked Questions

Laura Pillari, a Climate and Sustainability Research Analyst in the Science Team at Dayrize, shares insights into the science underpinning our Sustainability Intelligence platform. Join Laura in this informative video as she answers commonly asked questions about Dayrize product impact assessments and our methodology. Learn about the international standards followed by Dayrize, the various sources contributing to impact estimates, the reliability of our data for public disclosure, and the comprehensive dimensions covered by the Dayrize methodology.

▶️ Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction

00:16 – Q1: What standards and regulations are Dayrize compliant with?

01:06 – Q2: What sources do you get your impact estimates from?

01:35 – Q3: Are your assessments reliable enough to publish to consumers and regulators?

01:59 – Q4: What does the Dayrize methodology include?

02:12 – Conclusion

If you have any questions, Laura and the Dayrize team are happy to help. Please contact us or set up a demo call by clicking here.

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